Home Inspections in Jacksonville FL

“Is There A Doctor In Your House?”

We are the inspectors the Real Estate Agents call to inspect their new home.

Welcome to JAX House Dr. Home Inspections where we put you, the customer first. We began this business because of the shady and untrained inspectors out there inspecting homes. In my younger years, my home was inspected and it was terrible. He only spent a half hour and missed very important and expensive structural and roofing issues. I thought how could someone not care about their work or reputation? It was at that moment, I decided to put my building knowledge to work so others would not have to go through the devastation I went through. So now, I love my work and inspect every home as if it were for my own family. We honestly care about every inspection and pay attention to details only the trained eye can catch. We are very thorough and sometimes, Real Estate agents say we are too thorough, but we totally disagree. We don’t make a big fuss of the homes issues, but we are fair and to the point.

JAX House Dr. can help you buy or sell your home with complete confidence. We completely understand this is the biggest investment of your life and we do not want you to make a mistake. Our inspectors are looking after your best interests on every inspection. We are professionally Trained and Certified professionals, serving Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas for over 15 years, our home inspectors have seen it all, and we’ll provide invaluable help in making you a knowledgeable home owner.

Our home inspectors have the highest inspector ratings in the business. We are Certified ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) inspectors, Certified Professional Inspector(CPI) at InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), Registered Professional Inspector at FABI (Florida Association of Building Inspectors). We were trained at AHIT (American Home Inspector Training). We hold a current Home Inspector License to operate in Florida. We have always been and are currently rated with the highest ranking of “A+” at the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Click on any link above to verify.

Our Inspectors will ensure the inspection is completed in a timely fashion, but it takes a few hours to complete the inspection. The report takes another couple hours back at the office to ensure all data and photos are correct and goes through a quality control procedure. Every home inspection includes visual inspections of the Structure, Exterior, Roofing, Electrical systems, Plumbing systems, Heating & Air Conditioning systems, Garages, Interiors, appliances and may include other building/Structures on the property. Areas are tested and checked for deficiencies for full disclosure on the inspection report. Each area gets a full inspection and testing where possible and within our means. Our inspections are about 30+ pages and we do not include the fluff and fillings to confuse the reader. Our reports are very easily read and understood. If there are any questions, we encourage you to call our office and have it explained in detail. You can call us the next day, the next week, the next year! It doesn’t matter, once a customer, always a customer!

With our complete home inspections, we will identifying problems early so the home owner can take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs.

We will help sellers understand conditions the buyer’s inspector may point out and put the property in better selling condition by making repairs prior to placing your home on the market.

If your new home is near its’ first year anniversary, then we can do a specialized home warranty inspection.

Check Out this Informative Video of Our Home Inspections ;