4 Point Inspection

Otherwise known as an insurance letter or 4-point letter, this inspection covers 4 main areas the insurance company considers critical.

  • Roof System
  • Electrical System
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Plumbing Systems

These areas will indicate to the insurance company that the home is livable and has the relevant and serviceable items needed for a modern home. The 4-Point inspection will contain photos and current condition of all 4 areas for the insurance company to evaluate.

These reports are normally required for any home 25 years of age or more.

Never give the insurance company the full ‘Home Inspection Report’! There is too much information and makes it difficult for the insurance company to decipher.

Our 4-Point inspections come with certain, required photos. There are different forms to be filled out for different insurance companies. Please specify which insurance company you will be using so that we may use the correct form in order to prevent delay and confusion during the purchasing process.

We cannot guarantee your acceptance or declination for insurance. We only report the components condition at the time of inspection. We do not work for any insurance company, nor any real estate company. We only work for you!

Items Inspected and Reported:

Roof Systems We will inspect for several issues such as; Missing tiles/shingles, Cupped shingles, Hail damage, Age & Wear, and Improperly installed roof coverings.

Electrical Systems We will inspect on such items as; Age, Damaged wiring, Double taps, Electrical panel issues, GFCI’s, AFCI’s, Improperly wired circuits, and if the electrical box is a defective manufacturer’s box.

Heating & Air Conditioning Systems We will inspect for such issues as; Condition, Age, and Proper operation.

Plumbing Systems We will inspect the condition, Check for leaks, Shut-off valves, Water heater age & condition.