Wind Mitigation

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection is a visual examination of a home’s roof structure, windows, and doors ability (or lack thereof) to withstand damage during a windstorm or hurricane. We will examine various features of your home and describes their current condition as well as any improvements that could make the property more wind resistant.

Roof Structure: There should be hurricane clips or straps to hold the roof structure down to the home. The should be a certain nailing pattern on the shingles to hold them down. The framing may have studs holding the framing sown to the concrete slab. The sheathing fields must be of certain thickness and the nails holding the sheathing to the roof structure should be of certain length.

Windows and Doors: There are wind resistant doors and windows installed in many homes. Here is the Jacksonville area, it is not as common, but yes there are plenty here. There are window and door features that will help you receive a discount on your insurance.

We will check all your systems for this insurance discount of up to and sometimes over $400 per year! The first year alone will save you money.