Certified Home Inspections in Fleming Island, FL


Professional Home Inspection in Fleming Island

Fleming Island is probably the highlight of Clay County, very near to Jacksonville. We have completed multiple home inspections in the Fleming Island area and maybe even inspected your current home! Our knowledge and experience will identify several issues of the home during an inspection. Whether it is new or 100 years old, we inspect it like it is our own home.

Certified Wind Mitigation

Did you know you could save a bundle every year on a wind mitigation inspection? We are excited to save you hundreds every year on your homeowners insurance by completing a Wind Mitigation Inspection for you. If your home was built with hurricane clips, you may be eligible for a discount on your homeowners insurance policy. Even if it doesn’t have the hurricane clips, you still may be eligible.

4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point Inspection is normally required by the insurance companies. A 4-point inspection is only 4 areas of concern of the home and required by most, but not all insurance companies if your house is 20 years or older. The 4-Point inspection does not constitute a home inspection in the least bit. The 4 Point inspection is a check on, 1) Air Conditioning, 2) Electric, 3) Roof and 4) Plumbing. These systems are looked at, but not a full inspection is conducted in the same manner as a home inspection. This is only for insurance purposes and a separate form must be filled out with attaching photos of all areas mentioned above.

Pool Inspections / Spa Inspections

We will inspect your pool and pool equipment for any deficiencies. There are several different styes of pools and we can inspect them all. If there is a hot tub attached or detached, we can inspect them as well. We will inspect the visible pumps, pipes, valves, filter system, and check for several safety related items.

Mold Samples / Sampling

During a home inspection, if we find mold anywhere in the home, we will inform you prior to the end of the inspection. We offer mold sampling while we are doing the inspection. We cannot offer a standalone mold inspections/sample. This must be accomplished at the time of inspection due to Florida Law. We will overnight the samples to the lab and the results should be available within 2 business days. The results will let you know which type was identified and the effects it has on human health.

Roof Certification Inspection

Roof Certifications normally are required by the insurance company to ensure the roof is in good condition. Many older roofs require an evaluation to determine the ‘health’ of the shingles. Some shingles will last longer than determined life expectancy and some, of course, will not last as long as they are expected. There are multiple factors contributing to the life of your shingles. We will inspect the roof system and determine an approximate life expectancy from the time of inspection. This form is submitted to you for your insurance company.

Dock / Boat House Inspections

We conduct an above water inspection of the dock structure and related assemblies. We will also inspect the electric and water if connected to the dock. Boat houses can be inspected as well.

Certified Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection

Worried about termites? We at JAX House Dr. also work with AmeriPro Pest Control! So, your one stop shopping ends here and we will make sure the WDO inspection is in conjunction with our home inspection. Termites are the most common pest, but there are other concerns as well. There are powder post beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and the most commonly, fungi. We will ensure your report is back to you within 24 hours of the inspection.

Expert Well Water Testing

Does your home have a well?  Many rural areas around Clay County have a private well. Sometime there is even a shared well with your neighbor. We inspect the condition of the well and all associated equipment. Testing your well water is vital. There may be fecal matter, bacteria, chloroform, nitrites, nitrates, lead, or other harmful particles in the well water. Filtering systems in use may be outdated or just not effective.  We offer a comprehensive testing program to suite your needs.