Pre Listing Inspections in Jacksonville

When we perform a pre-listing inspection, we conduct our full home inspection. We will inspect the Structure, Exterior, Roofing, Electric, Plumbing, HVAC, Garages, Interior, Appliances, and if needed, any other buildings or structures on the property. What is different with this inspection is that we also make suggestions as to how to complete some small improvements or simple maintenance that requires attention. We want the home to be in the best shape for the prospective buyer and prevent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in professional repairs. There are some repairs that only require a qualified, knowledgeable person. By repairing some items yourself, or by a qualified or licensed professional you already know, may save you a large amount of money. Keep in mind, once the buyers inspection is completed, almost all repairs are required to have a licensed professional repair the items, thereby costing you up to 100 times the price of completing the project yourself prior to the inspection.

We always suggest our pre-sale inspection prior to putting the home on the market to know what the condition the home is in and to have items repaired. The buyer’s inspector and the appraiser will inspect the home and evaluate any issues you have. This will affect the price of the home. Buyers will negotiate the price down because of any and all defects found. The appraiser may deduct value from the house because of issues found. This will devalue your home and may not appraise for the listing price.

Here are some great reasons to get a Pre-Listing Inspection:

    • It will help you understand the homes condition through a 3rd party
    • It will help you work with the real estate agent determining the maximum value for the home
    • Appealing/Desirable/Upgraded items may be pointed out to be featured in the homes listing
    • It will give you a repair list of items to repair and complete prior to the buyers inspector inspecting the home
    • It will give you and the real estate agent confidence the home will sell at or very close to the listing/appraised price
    • By repairing items found on the inspection, you will have professional, supporting documentation for your required disclosure statement
    • It will alleviate any safety issues noted in the inspection report prior to potential buyers and agents that may tour the home
    • All repairs needed in the report will be completed by you, on your terms, and your timeline. This will save you time, money, and headaches
    • You will have time to evaluate the issues, repair them yourself, or hire the professionals you need for the job and maximize their time at your home
    • Once repaired, the items can not be used as negotiating stumbling blocks
    • You can advertise your home as an ‘Inspected Home’ and ready for move in