Certified Home Inspections in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is our hometown, situated on the “First Coast”! Jacksonville is the largest city of 874.5 square miles total area, within the continental (lower48) states and also boasts 5th in the lower 48 in total water area (127.2 square miles). It is so large in area we can fit Miami, Pittsburgh, Boston, San Fracisco Chicago, and Washington DC as well as Manhattan within our borders. It’s 30+ miles from the north to the south on I-95. The county and the city share basically the same boundaries. We are also known for our 7 major bridges and the 275-mile Saint John’s River, which is one of the few north flowing rivers in the world. Our population has increased dramatically since 2000 and we are now over 1.5 million people.

Jacksonville has over 150 different neighborhoods and new building projects continue to pop up. We have the beautiful beaches on the east coast, excellent shopping and fine culinary attractions on the southside, Airport and industry on the northside, and the westside holds a variation of all of Jacksonville. The middle of JAX has established neighborhoods like Avondale, Edgewood, Arlington, Riverside, Springfield, and San Marco, just to name a few, with exceptional restaurants and bars that will be loved by every walk of life. There is a little something for everyone here. Jacksonville is a very attractive city especially to the adventurous and the laid back.

The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars team is well loved here and the fans are crazy for the team. The rest of the NFL has no idea when our fans scream “DuuuuuValll!!” which is the county for Jacksonville. That’s our chant for our team.

The home values in Jacksonville are a bit lower when compared to other major cities, but also there are some ranging up to and exceeding $15M. There are many more affordable homes and depending on your required style of living. There are rivers, ocean, pond, and lake views throughout the city and every type of house has been built here, but don’t expect a basement!

We service all of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. We inspect homes, swimming pools, roofs, wells, docks, and bulkheads. Our other services are Wind Mitigation, 4 Point inspections, Water Sampling, and test for mold during an inspection if requested. Call us and see why we are A+ Rated with the BBB and we are the inspection company the Realtor® calls when they need their own home inspected.

Professional Home Inspection in Jacksonville

We inspect each home like it is our home. Our 17-year inspection experience will detect the several possible issues your current or future home may have. Whether it is new or 150 years old, we will inspect and report on major and minor issues. Our reports are highlighted with detail digital photos and arrows pointing to the exact issue.

Certified Wind Mitigation

We are certified to complete Wind Mitigation for insurance companies. Did you know you could save quite a lot of money every year on a successful Wind Mitigation inspection? Many homes with newer roofs have a great chance to save money on homeowners insurance.

4 Point Inspection

A 4-Point Inspection means there are 4 areas of concern of the home and required by insurance companies. If your house is 20 years or older, the insurance company will need a 4-Point Inspection. The 4-Point inspection does not constitute a full home inspection in the least bit. The 4 Point inspection is an inspection of, 1) Electric, 2) Air Conditioning, 3) Roof, and 4) Plumbing. These current condition of these items will give the insurance company a present picture of the home’s functionality and condition of the major areas.

Pool Inspections / Spa Inspections

We will inspect your pool and pool equipment for several possible deficiencies. We will check for leaks and several other issues.

Mold Samples / Sampling

During a home inspection, if we find mold anywhere in the home, we will inform you prior to the end of the inspection. We offer mold sampling while we are doing the inspection. We cannot offer a standalone mold inspections/sample.

Roof Certification Inspection

Roof Certifications normally are required by the insurance company to ensure the roof is in good condition. Many older roofs require an evaluation to determine the ‘health’ of the shingles. We provide a ‘Certification Letter’ to the insurance companies for your coverage.

Dock / Boat House Inspections

We conduct an above water inspection of the dock structure, bulkhead, and other related assemblies. We will also inspect the electric and water if connected to the dock. Boat houses can be inspected as well.

Certified Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection

Worried about termites? We at JAX House Dr. also work with Termite Depot! So, your one stop shopping ends here and we will make sure the WDO inspection is in parallel with our home inspection. Termites are the most common pest, but there are other concerns as well. We will ensure your report is back to you within 24 hours of the inspection.

Expert Well Water Testing

Does your home have a well?  Many homes in Jacksonville have wells and some have wells just for irrigation. Sometimes there is even a shared well with your neighbor. We inspect the condition of the well and all associated equipment. Testing your well water is vital. There may be fecal matter, bacteria, chloroform, nitrites, nitrates, lead, or other harmful particles in the well water. Filtering systems in use may be outdated or just not effective.  We offer a comprehensive testing program to suite your needs.