Buyer Home Inspections

When purchasing a new or used home, you need to know what condition the home is in prior to purchase. There are good houses and there are bad houses. There are fixer-uppers and then there are terrible houses. We completely understand the need for an informed investment, that’s where we shine. Our inspection will let you know what the current condition the home is in and how much time and money it will take to make the repairs you want or need. Keep in mind the hidden defects cost the most. It doesn’t matter which house you are buying, we will tell you the true condition and let you decide whether to purchase the home or not. We are not alarmist, but make sure you understand the condition of the home.

Resale Home (used), we will inspect it according to the year it was built. We inspect the Structure, Exterior, Roofing, Electric, Plumbing, HVAC, Garages, Interior, Appliances, and if needed, any other buildings or structures on the property. If there are improvements to the home, we will ensure any upgrades were conducted properly. All homes get a full inspection! Also, these homes get a Full Permit Report – Free! We will check the history of the home and give you the most current report.

Fixer-Uppers are interesting and vary enormously from home to home. We can go in at any phase of rebuilding and conduct an inspection to see where you are and where you need to be. Most times the ‘Fixer-Upper’ cuts corners to make the most of their money invested. We will find the areas where the corners were cut and make sure they are identified to be corrected. There are good house flippers and then there are the new, not experienced flippers that watched too many “flip This House’ episodes. Our thorough inspections will identify issues that are concerning.

New Home Construction inspections are something we love to do. Just knowing that the home will be built properly, and contractors shortcuts will be caught and corrected. We inspect from the moment the dirt is leveled to the final walk through, including everything in-between. There are phases of inspections to ensure the builder is ready to move on to the next phase after all the corrections have been accomplished.

One Year Warranty inspections are very meticulous, and all owner issues are noted along with all the issue we find during the inspection. All homes settle in the first year and we are there to make sure the home is still solid. You can expect several items in the report.